“I'm Going To Change My Name” (Ayd yes chem) fiction feature by Maria Saakyan, 103 min, 2013, DCP.

LOGLINE: A neglected teenager struggles with her blossoming sexuality and suicidal thoughts while searching for the father she has never known
Written and directed by Maria Saakyan (“The Lighthouse”, “The farewell”)

Cast: Evgeny Tsyganov (“The Newsmakers”, “Mermaid”, “Piter FM”, “The Stroll”) as PYOTR  Arina Adju as EVRIDIKA, Maria Atlas as SONA

Director Of Photography: Mkrtich (Mko) Malkhasyan

Music: Vartan Harutyunyan
Genre: Drama
Language: Russian-Armenian
Length/Duration: 103 min
Format: DCP

Supported by Berlinale World Cinema Fund, Germany; Goteborg Film Fund, Sweden; The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; The Danish Film Institute, Denmark; Torino Film Lab, Italy; Thuiskopiefond, Holland; B2B Industry Meetings, Belgrade, Serbia; East-West Distribution, Austria; Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Armenia.