“SEREOJIK”, fiction feature comedy
Participant of Sofia Film Meetings 2011, Moscow business square 2011. 
Director: Sergey Danielyan
Writer: Sergey Danielyan
Language: Armenian-Russian
Budget: 0,7 M Euro
Status: Development, Fund-raising
«Mum, whose grave is this ... mine?»
«Don’t talk nonsense!» replies the mother, «It’s your brother’s grave. He died before you were born. His name was Danielyan Sergey, too.»
Questions, questions ... Serojik has many questions, like all children under school age. Serojik lives between two Armenian cities and between two families that hate each other. However, Serojik is loved by everyone, albeit each loves him in their own way. In this bittersweet atmosphere, Serojik grows up, in Soviet Armenia of the 1970s, surrounded by quirky and eccentric love.